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Other Drake Companies

Drake Training Academy is part of a worldwide group of companies known as Drake International.  Here are some of our affiliated companies.

Drake International
Drake Talent Management Solutions has been created to improve your organizational effectiveness and your bottom line.
Drake Certivo
Drake Certivo, Inc. is dedicated to driving the adoption of open global standards for supply chain and trading partner network optimization.
Kryterion, Inc.
Kryterion, Inc. has been a trusted partner in the test development, test delivery and online proctoring industry since 2001.
Predictive Performance International
Predictive Performance International (PPIL) is a software company whose premiere product is the Drake P3 assessment instrument.
ClickIQ helps companies make wise choices when investing their marketing research dollars and strives to deliver the greatest value possible every day, on every project.
Learn English from qualified and experienced English as Second Language teachers who have taught in Canada, the USA, Australia and the UK...from your own computer!