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Compliance - Always Something New!

Compliance has become more and more important in our everyday work world for many reasons.


To protect our workforce, protect our environment, and protect our businesses.

And it gets harder and harder to ensure training is the same and updated for everyone who is required to take it and to maintain so many records.


The Exponential Impact by Drake LMS can make these important tasks so much easier!

Because our LMS was also created to support compliance needs, it has several great features that can’t be found elsewhere.


In many countries, including the United States and Australia, electronic signatures have the same legal consequences as the more traditional forms of executing documents.

Electronic Signatures

An electronic signature is a measure that indicates that a specific person adopted the contents of an electronic message or document.


There are four types of electronic signatures that the Exponential Impact LMS by Drake can capture:  offers regarding the learner’s training:

  • Student
  • Supervisor
  • Proficiency
  • Administrator

To this end, our LMS has incorporated an electronic signature feature which helps to ensure that the learner is authenticated and identified as the person taking the training.


They can be used as a kind of insurance policy as they provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have taken place at any time regarding a particular operation.

Audit Trail Reports

An audit trail is a series of records of events about the learning system and user activities. These allow the administrator to run reports on all activities related to a particular feature.

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Permissions and Rights

The Exponential Impact by Drake LMS provides the ability to restrict or expand individual users’ access to different groups, content, and system features.  These are called permissions and determine what can be accessed and what can be done with them such as read only or edit.


Administrator permissions can be restricted by function and/or group.

Supervisors can access their team’s training assignments and certain reports from the Student Dashboard.  They might also be given additional administrator rights.



Ever wonder who changed your training content?  Wonder no more! Workflows are used to facilitate review and approval of online content before it is published and taken by users.

By applying a workflow process to content creation, training will need to be approved by designated users, such as subject matter experts, business area managers, departments, and marketing personnel, before it can be published.


This feature area allows documents to be uploaded and maintained with a description, version number, optional workflow, revision level, effective and review dates, and optional content filters.

Document Management

For organizations that require version control over their documents, the Exponential Impact by Drake LMS offers a Document Management section as a standard feature.



All of the Exponential Impact by Drake LMS automated compliance features help an organization reduce liability, risks, and ensures the availability of records, reports, and knowledge to meet government and industry-specific requirements.