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So, what's an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a way to deliver online education, also known as eLearning or online training.  

A good LMS should be able to deliver training, test knowledge, report on results, and track compliance.

Logging On

Logging on to Exponential Impact's LMS can be done easily from any device and any browser.


API and Integration

The Exponential Impact LMS by Drake is an Application Programming Interface (API), a set of programming instructions that is available for software-to-software interactions between the API and client applications like Human Resource or Customer Management systems.


About Exponential Impact LMS by Drake

The Exponential Impact LMS by Drake learning management and compliance system delivers, manages, and tracks many types of training.

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SASS logging on Exponential Impact

Software as a Service (SAAS)

  • Through the use of advanced Internet technology, our Exponential Impact LMS by Drake SaaS model is easy to access, easy to implement, and easy to learn.
  • Its unique Internet architecture makes it easily deployed to all business locations through standard web browsers.
  • There is no required software installation, and no hardware to purchase.
  • As a hosted application, SaaS is an easy way for businesses and organizations to take advantage of a large-scale enterprise system with no capital expense.

Pre-Developed Courseware

Our partnerships with major courseware vendors allow you to offer an extensive catalog of existing courses to your partners, employees, and clients.  Use these to enhance your proprietary courseware or become a reseller to increase your revenue.

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