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Reporting is Key!

The reporting features of the Exponential Impact by Drake LMS are outstanding, and include:

  • Built-in reports
  • Easy-to-run standard reports
  • Custom reports designed by the administrator to meet detailed reporting requirements

Reports can also be used to monitor progress of training related to a compliance requirement or other specific event.

Custom Reports

The Custom Reports module is included and allows you to configure your own reports. Reports are built via queries, which are requests for information from the LMS database.

Custom reports can be filtered according to standard functions, like:

  • Starts with
  • Is greater than
  • Is equal to

Standard Reports

Using the standard report functionality is quick and easy.

Based on report information, you can verify which learners have taken required training, and which still have training to complete.


If report building is new to you, you will be able to start with some pre-saved custom reports and experiment with modifying them to meet your needs.

Custom reports also include two types of charts: Pie charts and bar charts.

Building a report can be as satisfying as a good cup of coffee. Power up today!