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Security is Essential!

Our clients rest easy knowing that the Exponential Impact LMS by Drake uses some of the most advanced technology for protecting data and users’ information.  Our entire team takes security very seriously.


Passwords can be assigned by an admin or can be system auto-generated. The admin has the right to determine expiration days, minimum and maximum length, mixed case, and character requirements.  Learners can also voluntarily change their password.



Learning data and any personal identifiable information is encrypted during any given LMS session while being transmitted over the internet.



Using AWS allows us to easily scale up in response to our clients’ training growth and needs.  It also gives peace of mind knowing that we are partnered with a world-class network infrastructure that is carefully monitored and managed including redundancy, system capacity, backups, and concurrent usage issues.


Passwords and Data

Passwords are an important aspect of computer security.  Passwords are stored in the database behind a secure firewall.  They are encrypted and hashed following stringent guidelines.


Access Control

Identification and authentication are critical for security and they are used as a basis for access control and implementing user accountability.  Access control is based on Need to Know and Least Privilege principles, which refer to granting users a minimally required access to perform their duties.



The Exponential Impact LMS by Drake is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a secure server environment with a service commitment of 99.95% uptime.


Is your peace of mind worth the price of a cup of coffee?