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Chemical Safety

Our OSHA Chemical Safety library provides awareness training in the occupational hazards common to the handling and use of several different types of chemicals; methods and techniques used for evaluating and minimizing exposure; measures employees can take to protect themselves from chemical hazards; safe practices for chemical storage and waste disposal; inspections; and the appropriate response to emergency situations involving chemical spills or release.

Complete library total time: 4 hours 42 minutes

OSHA Chemical Safety Library

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Asbestos Hazard Awareness (22 mins)
Chemical Safety (25 mins)
Chlorine Safety (25 mins)
Compressed Gas Safety (25 mins)
Criticality Safety (10 mins)
Flammable Liquid Safety (40 mins)
Formaldehyde Safety (30 mins)
Hazard Communication [GHS] (40 mins)
Hydrogen Sulfide Safety (30 mins)
Lead Awareness (35 mins)

OSHA Chemical Safety Catalog

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